Services Offered


People spend much of their adult lives either at work, thinking about work or trying to create the right kind of work experience or career. Stephen helps individuals get more out of their careers, and helps organizations get the best out of their people through effective training, coaching and learning.

Stephen’s approach is based on a simple assumption: Better management, communication, and work relationships, lead to greater satisfaction at work. And this can’t help but lead to more productive and successful organizations.

Stephen specializes in executive coaching, career coaching, as well as the design and delivery of corporate education and development programs.


Stephen’s individualized career coaching program is about trying to fine tune your career goals – moving from what you want to avoid to what you want your career to look like. Whether it be looking for something new or tweaking your current job to meet your goals and needs, this service helps you define what success looks like for you. Using a set of reflection tools, discussion, network connections/opportunities, goal setting and action planning, Stephen works with his clients to help shine some light on new career directions, approaches and ideas.

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