Clients & What They Say

Stephen has worked with groups and individuals from a host of industries including:

Packaged Goods
Health Care
Real Estate
Financial Services
Media and Broadcasting
Charitable Organizations


“Stephen Friedman is an incredible resource and unbiased confidant! I’ve been working with him for 6 months, and in that time, he’s helped me cut through the emotion and stress tied to the sense risk and day-to-day challenges of this fast-paced and constantly changing business world. As a result, I have a stronger sense of priorities and strategy that has helped facilitate higher success for myself and my sales and marketing teams across the country.

I chose to work with Stephen because of his ability to elegantly break through some of my rigid positions and points of view. He does this in a motivating and positive manner and I can honestly say (and I’ve said this to him many times) that I have a “light go on” in each and every session.

If you’re a professional who seeks a safe place to bounce ideas and challenges off of and grow both in results and as a leader, I strongly recommend Stephen Friedman.”

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